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Our Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Campus Offers Several Degree Programs

Whether you are just graduating from high school or looking to further or change your current career, an associate degree in specialized business or technology can be a huge asset. Employers in Pennsylvania and around the country are becoming more discerning in their hiring practices. Formal job training can greatly increase your chances of landing a good, stable career or increasing job security by diversifying your skill set.

At McCann, we understand that not everyone knows exactly what they want to do in their working life. We offer many different degree programs at each of our campuses.

This diverse selection of degree courses allows you to find the degree program you want in Hazleton. There are also other benefits of a local associate degree program to take into consideration. By graduating from a well-known, highly-reputable accredited school in the Hazleton area of Pennsylvania, you are one step closer to getting a local job.

There are many companies, such as Michael's Network Solutions, Auto Zone and General Mills, that have production, logistics or distribution centers in Hazleton. Amazon.com has built a fulfillment center there, which contributed 1,000 jobs to the area.

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The McCann School of Business & Technology also offers great career placement services to help you find a job that fits your skills and ambitions. We are as committed to helping you achieve career success as we are to providing an excellent education. If you are ready to start on the road to an exciting career, McCann can help you on your way.

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The Spa at McCann offers a variety of massage therapy and cosmetology services.

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