Posted on January 3, 2017

Graduate Spotlight: Christine Parry-Schwent

McCann Pottsville Chris Parry-Schwent Photo.jpgChristine Parry-Schwent graduated from McCann School of Business & Technology in Pottsville, PA on September 30th, 2015. She earned an Associate in Specialized Business Degree in our Business Administration with Marketing Option program. Before attending McCann, Christine was working as an Executive Assistant at Telecommunications on Demand, and decided to enroll because McCann offered courses that were directly applicable to her career at the time.

Christine is currently enrolled in an online school to complete her Bachelor's Degree, and will then further her education to complete her Master's Degree in Business Management. She says, "I couldn’t have come this far without the support of McCann while achieving my Associate Degree. The guidance, teaching styles and family atmosphere created the spring board for me to not only dive into my future, but to also fly confidently towards my goal of a fantastic career."

Read more from our interview with Christine below:

The best part of my education at McCann was...

"The 'hands on approach' in the classroom that helped me to better understand the subjects being taught. The Internship program was extremely valuable; to be able to say what I completed during the intern program to my future employer was extremely beneficial.  Being able to work in groups and collaborate with projects to achieve a communal grade. This gave me the opportunity to see the many perspectives and ideas of my classmates, giving me valuable experience in being able to build relationships in team collaborations at my current job."

Now, I'm working...

"I was hired as the Office Manager for the Orwigsburg region with Access Services on August 24th 2015. Recently, on December 13th 2016, I received a promotion to oversee the Office Managers for the three regions; Fort Washington, Schuylkill County and Lehigh Valley areas. My title now is Regional Senior Office Manager."

If I could tell potential students one thing it would be...

"Use the opportunity you have, right now, to learn how to advance or start your career. Everything that you are being taught can be applied to your current or future job.  Each project, paper or task can be approached as a way to advance and achieve your career, not just an assignment for a grade.  There have been many times that I have looked back on those assignments and applied them today, in my current career.   Your education at McCann will define, create and refine who you are and who you will become.  This opportunity will open doors for your future, you just have to decide that it is time for you to walk through them."

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