Posted on May 16, 2017

Student Spotlight: 

Josh Hubler: Finding Direction While Facing Challenges Josh Hubler #2.jpg

Josh Hubler has faced some of life’s greatest obstacles. He spent time in rehab and living in recovery houses and, when he was employed, he bounced from one job to the next. After his father passed away in June of 2015, he came to a realization. “I didn’t really have much direction, but knew I needed a change in my life,” he said. Josh had heard about McCann School of Business & Technology and knew the school offered a variety of programs. After talking about McCann with his fiancé, Allison, they both decided to enroll.

Choosing the Right Path

Josh had a background serving in the United States Army National Guard and as a correctional officer at a state prison so, with a “clear head,” Josh chose his path and began to study Criminal Justice. “Law enforcement has always been a fascination of mine,” he explained. “I always respected and honored the duties and services of both law enforcement personnel and case lawyers. I also wanted to help make a difference somehow in this world, no matter how miniscule a difference.” Josh knew he had the “mental toughness” to move forward and change his life and was encouraged that McCann would help him on his new journey.

Staying Focused On a Goal 

“I did put in the work, took good notes, studied and did well on tests,” said Josh. But earning his Criminal Justice Associate in Specialized Business degree was hard at times. Josh and his fiancé, Allison, have two children at home so committing to school was a challenge. “It hasn’t been easy for either of us,” he said. “There were times where there were scheduling conflicts.” But that did not stop Josh from pursuing his dream of a career in Legal & Protective Services. 

The McCann Difference

Josh credits his success to the support of his family as well as the instructors he had at McCann. He said, “Having the instructors I did helped me gain a better understanding of the processes and procedures, the terminology and just overall knowledge of the subjects.” Josh’s instructors motivated him to work hard and achieve his goals. “A big thanks to all my instructors who helped me along the way and pushed me to do the best I could while in school,” he said. In addition to training, Josh valued the flexible program options McCann offered.

Finding Career Success and a Bright Future 

The Criminal Justice Program helped put Josh on the path to career success. Today, he is working in the Clerk of Courts Office at Schuylkill County Courthouse. “For the first time, in a long time, I can finally give my family something to be proud of again,” he said. Josh is thankful for the training and education he received at McCann because he now has a great job to begin his Criminal Justice career. “Today my future is bright, and I will continue to reach for the stars.”

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