Do You Have Questions about Your Student Loans?

Understanding and applying for student loans can be hard at times. At McCann School of Business and Technology, we don’t think you should have to do it on your own. In order to best assist our students, we created the Student Loan Help Center, your resource for all of your student loan needs.

5 Reasons You Should Call the Student Loan Help Center

1. We Know How to Talk to Your Lender

Lenders tend to use  a lot of technical jargon when discussing student loans. Our Financial Services Representatives in the Student Loan Help Center are trained to be the mediator between you and your lenders. We’ll help you understand the terms of your loan and make sure you’re getting the best deal.

2. We Can Help You Keep Up With Loan Payments

There are times when paying back your student loans may be difficult. As we mentioned earlier, we know how to talk to lenders. You can call us and tell us your story, and then we can talk to your lenders for you. Don’t fall behind on your loan because you’re afraid to talk to you lender. Talk to us first!

3. We’ll Give You Accurate Information

When you look at all of the information you get in the mail and in emails from lenders, it can get a little confusing. We know how to explain that information for you in a way that’s easy to understand. Don’t struggle trying to figure out everything on your own, let our Student Loan Help Center do what they do best.

4. We’ll Help You Qualify for Loans in the Future

If you’re planning on going back to school sometime after graduating from McCann School of Business and Technology, you need to make sure that you are on top of your loans. Lenders will be hesitant to loan you money if you default on a loan. Before you leave, call the Student Loan Center to make sure you know all of the details and options you have. 

5. We’ll Give You Advice on Maintaining Your Credit

Nearly every lender out there is going to look at your credit score before they decide to give you a loan. Whether the loan is for a car, a house or a couch, they’ll look at your credit score first. At the Student Loan Help Center, we will help you discover ways that you can monitor and build up your credit score. 

Let Us Help You at the Student Loan Help Center

We want to help you any way we can when it comes to your student loans. Whether you’re just starting the process or you’re getting ready to graduate, we are here to answer your questions. Call us at 866.865.8065 or click here to request more information.