Which School Is Best for Me?

Graduating from high school is a great accomplishment, and is an exciting chapter of your life.  If you’re  asking yourself, “Which school is best for me?” We believe the answer is McCann School of Business & Technology.  

Top 5 Reasons McCann is the Best School for You

1. Our Programs Are Tailored to Your Career Goals

As a high school student, you are faced with a big decision. There are so many schools and programs to choose from and you’re probably wondering “What type of program is right for me, a four-year, two-year or something shorter?  At McCann, we tailor our programs to meet our students’ needs, so whether you’re looking for short-term technical training or an ASB/AST degree, you’ll have lots of options. 

The first step of the application process is talking to an Admissions Representative. They’ll get to know you and help you define your career goals. If you’re having trouble choosing a career path, they’ll even help you find one that matches your personality and your interests. From there you’ll choose the best program to help you meet your career goals. 

2. You Won't Be in School Forever

We understand that you want to start your career as fast as possible, so that you can start earning money and become independent. That’s why each of McCann’s programs will give you the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience needed to start you career without the time commitment of a four-year college or university. 

Our programs range from a few months to two years depending on the field you choose. Certificate programs take the shortest amount of time, usually a few weeks. Our ASB/AST Degrees take the longest, taking about two years to complete. Diplomas are in the middle and generally take a few months. No matter which program you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be completely prepared to enter the workforce. 

3. We Have Flexible Program Options

Many of our students have busy schedules and are responsible for more than just schoolwork.  Regardless of your situation, we have day and evening courses designed to fit your schedule. We’ll also allow you to take fewer courses if your workload becomes difficult to handle.  

4. We Have Multiple Financial Aid Options

There are many options to help pay for school. You can earn scholarships, find government grants or take out student loans. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Our Admissions Representatives are here to help you every step of the way, so the process isn’t overwhelming.  

Our team will walk you through the process and even help you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We’re dedicated to finding ways to help you pay for school, so give us a call or use the net price calculator to learn just how affordable quality career training can be. 

5. You Can Land a Job Quickly after Graduation

We designed our programs for students like you–students who enjoy active learning. While you will be taking some courses in a classroom, you will also get hands-on experience in labs and externships. 

These labs and externships are important not only for your learning, but for gaining valuable work experience and building your career portfolio. When you enter the job market, you will have lots of hands-on experience, which means you’ll have the skills employers are looking for in an employee.


Applying is Easy! Get Started Today!

If you’re still wondering which school is best for you, fill out a form to request more information. Once you learn all that McCann has to offer, you won’t want to apply anywhere else.  

If you’re ready to start your journey towards a new and exciting career, call 866.865.8065 or to start the application process or apply online. It’s easy and our Admissions Representatives will walk you through each step. So don’t waste another day, get quality career training and start on the path to a better and brighter future.