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The externship experience at McCann School of Business and Technology is a supplement to the primary educational component and is meant to give our students the opportunity to put their learned knowledge to practical use. Externship opportunities are in job-like settings with professional mentors there to oversee and assist throughout the course. The externship is offered with a selected number of our vocational training programs. When a student selects a program that offers an externship, the career services team, in conjunction with the program director, will coordinate and place the student in an externship.

How to Pursue an Externship

Working with the admissions team, students can choose a vocational education program that offers an externship supplement and then work with their advisor throughout the program. The student is responsible for submitting their weekly hours completed at their externship site and checking in periodically throughout the program with their advisor. Periodic check-ins mainly consist of feedback on projects and activities completed during the externship. Then, at the end of the program, overall feedback is exchanged between the student and their professional mentor and advisor based on how the externship went.

What Does the Externship experience Provide to McCann Students?

Programs that have an externship experience, provide students with experiential education and the opportunity to put their skills to use. It also provides a space where students can continue to learn and make controlled mistakes before starting out in the real-world workforce. Entering the workforce can be nerve-wracking, and new employees might feel overwhelmed. Externships allow students to ease into the working world and give them the grace to learn from their mistakes with time and professional guidance before entering the workforce.

Real-World Application

Only so much can be learned in the classroom. Through the externship program, students will take the knowledge gained from their classes and coursework and apply it in a job-like setting, thus setting them up to continue to thrive in the real-world workforce after graduation.

Professional Networking

Professional networking is an important aspect of any career, and being able to network well provides an opportunity for continued success in the field. Through our externship, students will be able to gain knowledge and experience on how to professionally network within their industry. Professional networking can not only help students in their current industry but can also provide opportunities in the future.

Skill Development

Being able to put learned skills to use during an externship is a great way to continue to develop them and learn how they operate outside the classroom. Soft skills, such as teamwork skills, time management, and communication skills, are examples of things that are further developed with use in a real-life situation such as an externship. These skills are also highly transferable from job to job and are crucial for an individual’s overall career.

Why Choose a Program with an Externship  with McCann?

The externship experience offered in several programs atMcCann School of Business and Technology provides students with the opportunity to use the information and skills learned throughout their classes in real-life situations in a job-like setting. Externships also provide students with the peace of mind that they can use this opportunity to apply their skills but can also make mistakes and take the time to learn from them. This experience is a great supplement to the education courses because it shows students how their acquired skills transfer to the working world. As students get the opportunity to apply their skills, they can continue to learn and develop their education further.

Get started on the path to  your future career today with McCann School of Business and Technology. With our varied programs and experiential learning opportunities like externships, you can choose what best suits you and invest in your future!