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Employer Resources

Building a Stronger Workforce Together

Making sure our graduates are ready for the working world is a high priority. We work with our employer partners to ensure that we are meeting their industry’s skillsets with the education that we provide. This creates a best-of-both-worlds scenario. You get skilled employees, and our graduates know they are developing the skills for the industry.

Employer Partnership Resources

From helping you post open positions to connecting you to our recent graduates and alumni, partnering with McCann means you have exclusive access to potential employees. Here are just a few of the resources you gain as our partner.

Free Job Postings

Get positions filled easily by letting us post open roles within your organization or company. We keep our job postings endorsement-free, meaning all employer partners have equal opportunity to reach our students.

Candidate Pre-Screening

Sometimes you need to know which candidates applying are the best fit for your role. We can help you sort through applicants and qualify them before the interview process.

Candidate Matching

Maybe you need something a little more specific. McCann can look through our skilled students, recent graduates and alumni to find the perfect person to fit your needs.

Job Fairs

Connect with our students, recent graduates and alumni at job fairs. These unique opportunities let you build a network and show our students that you are eagerly looking for new talent.

Interview Scheduling Assistance

Let us set the schedule for you. Working with your team and our pool of candidates, we’ll handle scheduling interviews so all you have to do is determine which candidate best fits your needs.

Access to Training and Meeting Spaces

McCann offers employers access to meeting and training spaces on a first-come, first-served basis.

Access to a Skilled and Dedicated Workforce

Our students are trained based on all of the standard qualifications of the industry. Partnering with McCann means you will have access to skilled and trained candidates for your business’s needs.